Racehorse Winning Prize Money Structure

  • Racehorse prize money : 6.5% of the overall structure

  • Racehorse owners can receive up to 7% prize money depending on the game assets applied.

  • Racehorse prize money increases depending on the league, higher league higher prize money. Please refer to the Racehorse Prize Money & License Table.

  • 1st Generation Dam does not race, but receives a license reward of 50% of the prize money of the 2nd Generation Racehorse and 30% of the prize money of the 3rd Generation Racehorse.

  • 2nd Generation Racehorse gets 50% of its winning prize money, and 20% of 3rd Generation Racehorse prize money as a license reward.

  • 3rd Generation Racehorses receive 50% of its winning prize money.

  • You can get extra prize money if game assets are applied.

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