Q: How do I bet on tournaments?

VPN Download & Access > Eden Horse Sign Up > Connect to MetaMask > General Eden Horse Ticket > Gold Eden Horse Ticket Request Withdrawal. Start from here to bet.

Q: Anyone can bet? Can I bet even if I do not own a racehorse?

Yes, anyone can bet whether you are a racehorse owner or not.

Q: How to claim players (betting) rewards?

You will receive player rewards if the racehorse you bet wins 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the race. You will receive Gold Eden Horse Ticket and yo will have to request withdrawal. See here for more details on player rewards.

Q: Do I choose only ONE racehorse to bet on?

Nope. You may choose one (singles) or two racehorses (doubles) to bet on.

Q: How many tickets (General Eden Horse Ticket) do I need to bet? How much does one ticket cost?

There are 5 leagues available and each league requires different amount of ticket to bet. Each ticket costs 1 USDT. See here to learn more.

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