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Q: How to buy Eden Horse racehorse?

You may buy from marketplace or Opensea. See here to learn how to buy Eden Horse Racehorse.

Q: Help! How do I know if I'm buying a fake Eden Horse Racehorse?

Only purchase from marketplace or on OpenSea. This is the only method we recommend for buying or selling your Eden Horse Racehorses to avoid purchasing fake Eden Horse Racehorses. You can identify the correct contract as below.

1st Generation Dam NFT : 0xded6792F460A9ee92bd5c0c3419C7d7702D41E5E

2nd Generation Racehorse NFT : 0x8c6808B2a7f1Fe61b3262f5917Cb08905655a712

Q: How long does it take for a racehorse that I bought (or bred) to appear in my MetaMask?

You will receive your racehorse immediately after purchase or breeding. If you still can't see your racehorse you may import NFT in MetaMask by inserting contract address and token ID as shown on the page after breeding and minting (own). See here to learn how to import NFT in MetaMask.

Q: I've traded with another stable owner through Discord, but they have not upheld their side of the trade. What do I do?

Trading through Discord is done at your own risk. Also, please note that Eden Horse team members will never middleman/escrow transactions. The team recommends settling any trades ONLY on marketplace or on OpenSea for all Eden Horse NFTs.

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