Q: How do my racehorse join the race?

See here and follow the steps.

Q: How do I claim winning prize money if my racehorse wins?

You will get a Silver Eden Horse Ticket if your racehorse wins. Request withdrawal and you will get ETH deposited in your MetaMask. See here to request withdrawal.

Q: Who gets the winning prize money?

1st, 2nd, 3rd place racehorse will get the winning prize money. See here to learn more about racehorse winning prize money.

Q: My racehorse wins but I did not get my winning prize money. What should I do?

Please check if you've received Silver Eden Horse Ticket and you have requested withdrawal. If you've done everything and still did not get your winning prize money, please reach us out here.

Q: If I booked a horse for a race, and the horse sells before the race runs, who receives the funds?

The user/wallet that books the horse for the race is the wallet that will receive the winnings.

Q: How many races can my racehorse race in one day?

To ensure fairness, every racehorse can race maximum 4 times a day.

Q: Do I have to pay for my racehorse to race?

Nope it's FOC.

Q: How many races can my horse be entered in at once?

One. As soon as that race entered is finished, you will be able to book your racehorse to race in another race.

Q: What about tournament settings? Who gets to modify the tournament settings?

There are 2 types of tournament settings: System (default) settings and custom (user) settings.

System Settings

  1. League

  2. Racing Distance

  3. Track Direction

We let players decide (vote) the weather, track surface, gate number a minute before the game begins.

Custom Settings

  1. Weather - Sunny / Rainy / Foggy

  2. Track Surface - Dirt / Grass / Digital

  3. Gate Number

Q: How many racehorses will race in one tournament?

Total of 16 racehorses and 16 players per tournament.

Q: What are the types of tournaments? What is the difference of each league?

There are a total of 7 types of league: Super League, Family League, G1, G2, G3, OFF, and PRE-OFF. We run a level-up-based system means that you can level-up your horses based on winning rate over time. The higher the league is, the higher the racehorse winning prize money and player rewards.

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