Based on the development of unique tournament and stallion content, Eden Horse will provoke user's curiosity and expand in terms of entertainment to create a new Metaverse flow as a real P2E game.

Based on the virtuous cycle structure of ELT Governance Token, each user involved in the ecosystem will receive fair payout according to the level of involvement. Regular players bet on horse racing tournaments by purchasing tickets with ETH or ELT and earn dividends. NFT racehorse owners or horse owners can participate in the race, as well as engage in various economic activities in their families. In other words, the player and the horse owners coexist.

The dam owners may breed with foundation-owned sire and new generation foal will be born, and will be rewarded with license fee (in ELT) for breeding. 1st Generation Dam NFT owners and 2nd Generation Racehorse will be rewarded payout based on racehorse production sales and racing.

EDEN HORSE is different from the other horse racing projects as we DAO based, tournament settings (weather, track surface etc) will be decided by our fam.

Pre-tournament using Pony racehorse will be held in the PRE-OFF season, and not usual racehorse, is designed specifically for horse racing beginners or Crypto Newbies.

Users may purchase General Eden Horse Tickets using ETH or ELT, and for other assets using EELT (Eden Loop Utility Token) or General Eden Horse Tickets. EELT is a utility token used on the Eden Loop platform, and EDEN HORSE tournaments will be displayed exactly like the actual ones, hence anyone can easily enjoy and watch actual horse racing tournaments and stand a chance to be level-up to race in OFF season depending on their efforts.

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