Q: What is breeding in Eden Horse?

Just like actual breeding in real life, dam and sire breed to produce foal (racehorse) to race in tournaments in Eden Horse.

Q: How can I get a foal?

See here and learn how to breed.

Q: I can't see my foal (racehorse) after breeding. Where is it?

It takes time to complete blockchain transactions. If your racehorse does not appear in your MetaMask, please send us a ticket to help you out.

Q: What is the meaning of dam, sire, and racehorse?

Dam (mare) is the mother horse, sire is the father horse, and racehorse is the foal of the parents and races in tournaments.

Q: I own a dam. Do I also own the foal produced after breeding?

Yes. You may adapt (own) the foal you produced after breeding or sell it on marketplace. See here for more.

Q: Is there any difference between adapt (own) or sell the foal you produced on marketplace? What are the differences?

Yes. There are differences. No idea whether to own or to sell your foal after breeding? See here.

Q: How many times can I breed my horse?

Basically each horse is allowed to breed once, but you may rebreed that charges 200 ELT. There is no limitation to rebreed.

Q: How much does it cost to breed?

We charge 0.0107 ETH to breed (gas fee excluded).

Q: Do I need to pay for gas fee when breeding?

Yes. Gas fee is required for all blockchain transactions. Gas fee may vary based on the surging demand and rising network congestion. Please check gas fee when you breed.

Q: What is Breeding Pass?

Breeding pass is required to rebreed (each horse is allowed to breed once). You may use breeding pass to rebreed. There is no limitation to rebreed.

Q: Where can I get a breeding pass?

We are giving out breeding pass to users who reach lv.30 or above (every 10 level-up) in Discord.

Q: How many foals can be produced per breeding?

As many as you wish. Each horse can produce one foal (you may rebreed to produce more). Let's say you have 100 horses and you breed all of them, you will get 100 foals.

Q: Which sire will my horse breed with?

You may choose 1 of the 4 foundation-owned sires to breed with.

Q: How should I choose which sire to breed with?

You may choose between 4 of the foundation-owned sires. 1200m (short), 1400m (mile), 1600m (medium), 1800 (long).

Q: How do I know my foal's birthday?

Search your foal on marketplace > click > HORSE PROFILE > Foal Date.

Q: Can my foal race in tournaments?

Of course. You may book to race here.

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